Quick Tips: Save Money, Get Healthy, Get Active

For the last week I’ve had several tabs continuously open in my web browser and several places that I’ve been itching to go. Here’s four items on that list:

For Conscientious Eaters: Looking for inspiration and recipes while you’re on a journey to get healthy and make some lifestyle changes? Somehow I stumbled across livebetteramerica.com, which features several sections full of content that fulfills those needs. The website is run by General Mills–corporate giant, yes, but articles and recipes are well worth checking out. Just remember that you can always swap out generics for the name brand items they regularly feature. Follow this link: http://www.livebetteramerica.com/health-nutrition/weight-management.

For Wallet Watchers: Don’t be fooled by the name. “STL Mommy,” a blog/expansive website that I found this week, contains far more than the lastest dime-saving diaper deals. If you’re looking to save money (especially if you’re located in the St. Louis metro area), this website has the tools to quickly train you in the art of basic couponing. Kim, the brains behind the blog, is even running a series about couponing right now. I may have to bookmark this find and check back every week to see what’s new in the world of savings. Follow this link: http://www.stlmommy.com/.

For Nature Lovers: Check out the Katy Trail! That’s what I’m setting out to do this Sunday afternoon. It’s located over a 240-mile stretch, from Machens, MO, to Clinton, MO. The trail is mostly flat (with gorgeous vistas along the Missouri River, I’ve heard) and mostly follows an old railroad bed. It’s super popular with runners, walkers, bikers, and more. The section that I’m near starts near St. Charles, MO, and winds its way out through a picturesque valley containing some of Missouri’s wine country. If you go, plan ahead and bring plenty of water. Follow these links: http://www.bikekatytrail.com/; and http://mostateparks.com/park/katy-trail-state-park.

For Fall Seekers: September is just settling in, which means that soon most of us will be craving cooler weather, sweaters, boots, scarves, fall colors, pumpkins, and lattes, or maybe a pumpkin latte or two. One item on my fall bucket list is to visit Grant’s Farm, located in South County about 25 minutes southwest of downtown St. Louis. I’ve heard about the expansive property, Clydesdales, and other things that make this place seem like a quintessential place to visit during autumn. I’ll be sure to report back with tips and memories once I’ve had the Grant’s Farm experience. Follow this link: http://anheuser-busch.com/index.php/our-heritage/grants-farm/

Until next time, keep the inspiration flowing!