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Frozen Custard Season

When temperatures reach almost 80 degrees, it’s the start of frozen custard (and ice cream/frozen yogurt/shaved ice) season. Today was that day.

I would normally mark its arrival by going to some local place, but not this year. Today, I found myself instead in the St. Charles County area, exploring the trail system that meanders through the city of St. Peters.

Walking 3.58 miles in the heat (it sure felt hot) and windy conditions meant I drained the one and a half water bottles I had with me. So at the end, it only felt right to commemorate my survival with a frozen treat.

A Google search yielded several results, and I went with one I hadn’t heard of before – Deters Frozen Custard. It’s a family owned business that’s located off Highway 94 near Interstate 70.

I could have driven straight past it. The bright white building sits at the bottom of a hill, out of view from most of the other businesses lining Highway 94, but their cheery sign draws your attention.


To my surprise, they offered both frozen custard and shaved ice. I wish I had taken a picture of the menu, because there are literally dozens of flavors to choose from.

Faced with decision paralysis, I asked the person taking my order for her recommendations. I ended up with the beauty below – an apple pie frozen custard sundae. Try saying that phrase ten times fast. It has vanilla custard, bits of apple and pie crust, pumps of caramel, and whipped cream and cherry to top it all off.


The front had a small seating area with tables and wrought iron benches. I sat at a table while enjoying my sundae, and watched the cars go by. Business picked up right at that moment. Older couples and younger families began arriving in droves and lining up to get their orders in. Everyone stood or sat around while updated oldies hits cycled through the sound system. It was a nice atmosphere for a first warm weather treat.

So there you have it. If you’re looking to mark the start of your frozen custard season, you have my recommendation and two thumbs up for Deters.


Know Before You Go

Address: 755 Friedens Rd, St Charles, MO 63303

Hours: Check out Deters’ Facebook page for updated hours.

Cash or Debit: Both. I’ve been to some frozen custard/yogurt places that only take cash, so it was nice to see they also accept cards.


Jilly’s: Of All Things Sweet and Sweeter

There’s no better time than the present to dive back into the world of blogging–or, as I prefer to think of it, chronicling the adventures as I plunge into the St. Louis life. Via cupcakes.

Cupcakes aren’t exactly a staple here, but there sure is a place I’ve heard about since my arrival here a year ago: Jilly’s Cupcake Bar & Cafe. If you’re picturing a dimly lit establishment right now, allow that image to evaporate from your head. After two visits (several months apart, mind you), I can confidently report that Jilly’s is a neon color explosion. Mixed with some white. And loads of frosting. The only “bar” effect you’ll find here is the sugar intoxication you’ll suffer after ingesting one of their sweet confections. Take, for instance, “Chocolate Thunder,” “24-Karot Carrot Cake,” or one of this month’s creations, “Pineapple Upside Down.”

On my latest visit, I sampled “Chocolate Thunder.” Who could resist? But not to worry, because I captured photo evidence before the deliciousness got demolished.

The "Chocolate Thunder" cupcake is one of many delicious creations available at Jilly's.
The “Chocolate Thunder” cupcake is one of many delicious creations available at Jilly’s.

Have I mentioned the size of these cupcakes? They’re not like the dainty things we create in our home ovens. These mega-giant, behemoth offerings can tip the scales at nearly half of a pound. You will probably feel full after three quarters of one (so it’s probably not a good idea to get too many if you go).

From my observation, you can probably expect to spend between 5 dollars and 6.50, depending how many fancy you go or how many flavors, fillings, and toppings are packed into one. For the purists out there who don’t want the extra bells and whistles on their miniature frosted cakes, there are “Simply Iced” cupcakes available as well.

So make a date of it! The first time I went, I was accompanied by my main man, and the second time around I ventured in alone on a whim.

Jilly’s is located on the corner of Delmar and North McKnight Road, just off I-170. If you’re planning to be in the area anyway to explore the Loop, then Jilly’s is definitely worth the stop. USA Today would approve.