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Stats and Goals

Highway benearth a fluffy-cloud sky
A picture off my Instagram feed. No money for an awesome camera with multiple lenses, so the Iphone’s the way to go for now.

Twenty two. Fresh out of college. Small town life in Illinois. Idealistic, but realistic.

The whole world is at my feet, or rather, I am at the feet of the world. This is no small thing to consider.

I used to blog when I was in high school. I rambled on about dreams and musings, about travels I had not yet experienced; I wrote about life, in general, really.

The goals of this blog are three-fold.

  • I want to learn more about HTML and CSS.

A single class in college is not sufficient, especially if the acquired skills are not exercised further. The design of this blog is subject to change, perhaps frequently.

  • I want to write about travel.

The word “travel” possesses a certain mystique. It is something I admire and desire. However, being young and poor, there are severe limitations concerning where I go. For now, I will cover where I have been. It is important to know that I strongly believe in seeking the treasures out your back door.

Too often, we fall into the mindset that when we live somewhere, we live there and nothing else. Not true. Get out a map today and highlight all the places you haven’t explored. What about all the shops you haven’t been in because you think that sort of thing is for tourists? How about restaurants? Parks? Lakes? Rivers? Do not spite anywhere you haven’t been. Go live in the area in which you live.

  • I want to write about writing.

I have a journalism degree, but freelance work isn’t quite quenching my thirst for writing. As I write more, I hope to see the development of a strong personal voice. My own style.

There are many raindrops under this umbrella to explore. Grammar. AP Style. Spelling. Journalistic vs. creative writing. Knowledge is power, and in my profession, I want to become as fluent as possible in the many nuances of the English language.

So please, follow along on this journey winding through these subjects and perhaps others. Maybe you will find inspiration, maybe you will learn something as I learn the same, or maybe I can learn something from you. Once I get a better handle on inserting photos into blog posts, you will be seeing much more of my amateur photoness.

I might not be Shakespeare, but this is my blog. If I can pen new words within these cyber walls, I will.

Welcome to the life of the girl obsessed with living.