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Explore My Instagram Feed

A lot of the photos I use in on this blog originate from my Instagram feed, which I’m happy to say is now available on the web.

Check it out!

Instagram Feed
A mobile version of the new web profiles.

Instagram is primarily a mobile-based app, so these new user profiles are a step outside the box. I just viewed mine for the first time and am pretty pleased with it overall. Some of the photos were taking awhile to load, but I presume that’s a bug that’s going to be fixed in the long run.

I use this app to curate photos from my adventures. It has a range of filters you can use to edit photos, but I prefer to edit most of mine with other mobile software before uploading them.

Hard core photographers usually don’t like Instagram, but seeing as my iPhone takes better quality photos than my current camera, I’m happy to have a fun alternative available.

If you have a smart phone, you should try it out. If you’re concerned about copyright infringement or anything like that, check out the terms of use and see if you’re comfortable with it. Watermarking your photos is also an option I see a lot of from the photographers I follow.

You’ll continue to see lots of Instagram photos showing up on this blog, and if you’re interested in seeing everything I post, here you go. All the photos are mine except if I do a collaboration (something I haven’t done much of yet), and if it is my edit of someone else’s photo, I denote in the caption.

I look forward to the day I can afford my own camera with multiple lenses and all that jazz.

Until then, this is what I have.

And I try my hardest to post images that reflect what I feel: “The beauty we see will only happen once.”